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PURE Business Group was created to provide a unique, innovative and collaborative solution, to the civil litigation legal sector. Founded in early 2015 by Phil Hodgkinson, and bringing thirty years’ experience within the insurance and legal sector, the group now employs in excess of 450 staff in four UK Locations, and continues to grow year on year.

The Group works within existing markets, which have not previously been expanded. Predominantly due to being disbursement heavy, and therefore cash restricted to most law firms. We also seek out new markets and opportunities within the Litigation sector.

By collaborating and partnering with major Banks and funders, along with A-rated insurers from across the world, we are able to provide a unique product which allows consumers to fund their legal disbursements through a CCA loan, but also insure that loan and the interest incurred, in the event of a failed case, by utilising our “one of a kind” Insurance product.
The Group provides a seamless “end to end” service from Marketing, robust vetting, claims handling, technical report facilitation, funding, insurance, litigation, technology and Costs recovery.

Making PURE Business Group, truly a stand-alone and one of a kind, full service provision, legal sector business.

Our Companies

Our group comprises of the following companies:

Pure Claims Support Services  image

It is imperative that law firms have access to innovative products, this allows PURE to provide an excellent service to their clients.

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PURE Reporting Services  image

PURE Reporting Services acts as an administrative function to request reports from independent experts across our case types to facilitate with settlement.

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Pure Legal Limited  image

Our aim is to change the legal landscape, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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Pure Legal Costs Consultants  image

We provide the highest quality services, whilst also maintaining the pinnacle of customer care to our diverse, nationwide client base.

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Pure Technology Systems Limited  image

Shaping the world of tomorrows legal and financial markets, at PURE Technology Systems, we are dedicated to delivering revolutionary standards in technology products and services.

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Our Brands

Pure Claims  image

PURE Claims provide a first class service helping our clients to secure compensation. A dedicated team of expert assessors working hard to help you to get you what you deserve.

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Pure Disbursement Funding  image

Developed in conjunction with Novitas loans to address the cash flow drain the law firms encounter, with zero risk to the claimant.

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Claim Your Mortgage  image

We offer FREE, no obligation consultation to assess whether you have a potential claim and are eligible for compensation.

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Claim Your Motorbike Accident  image

Had a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault? We can support you and your family in securing successful claims whilst you carry on with your lives.

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Claim Your Housing Disrepair  image

Have you reported your concerns regarding housing disrepair, to your council landlord? If they have failed to take action, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Claim Your Hidden Commissions  image

We are a specialist law firm helping our clients secure refunds for financial mis-selling so you can claim what’s rightfully yours.

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Claim Your Data Breach  image

Millions of people’s personal data rights are breached every year - Claim your Data Breach is helping bring compensation claims for people whose personal information has been affected.

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Claim Your Miscalculated Mortgage  image

There are many instances where a borrower’s mortgage contract has not been serviced properly which has resulted in the balance of the borrower’s mortgage account being incorrect.

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Patient Protection  image

We have the expertise to help you get the medical negligence compensation you deserve and need to rebuild your life.

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Pure Training Academy  image

Pure Training Academy provides bespoke training to encourage personal and professional development.

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Group Main Board

Phil Hodgkinson photo

Phil Hodgkinson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Ashton photo

Amanda Ashton


Dave Kirby photo

Dave Kirby

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Shaw photo

Jennifer Shaw

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Scott photo

Andy Scott

Sales Director

Rob Mares photo

Rob Mares

Compliance and Risk Management Director

Nick Bacon photo

Nick Bacon

Non-Executive Director

Chris Charnock photo

Chris Charnock

Non-Executive Director

Company Directors

Mike Taylor photo

Mike Taylor

Director of PURE Technology Systems Limited

Dave Poole photo

Dave Poole

Director of PURE Technology Systems Limited

Clive Harris photo

Clive Harris

Director of PURE Legal Costs Consultants


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Head Office:

4th Floor, 8 Princes Parade,

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Phone: 0151 347 0470

Email: info@purebusinessgroupltd.co.uk

Mon – Thurs 8am – 8pm

Friday 8am – 6pm

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