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At PURE Legal Costs Consultants we provide a market leading, “cradle to grave” legal costs recovery service.

Employing over 70 specialist staff, including Costs Lawyers, Costs Draftsmen, Negotiators and Advocates. Who strive to exceed and surpass our large range of solicitor clients’ expectations, in all areas of costs recovery.

Each department works together to achieve the best possible results.

Whether it be Bill Drafting, preparing costs budgets, negotiating with paying parties, attending detailed assessments, Advocacy, general advice or providing external training, we always have one of our costs experts available to provide an industry leading service to our clients.

PURE Legal Costs Consultants has processed over 20,000 cases since inception and continues to expand.

Our services

At PURE Legal Costs Consultants we pride ourselves on having a specialist team of Costs Lawyers & Costs Draftsmen who strive to exceed & surpass our clients’ expectations in Bill Drafting.

With over 25 Costs Lawyers & Costs Draftsmen in our Prescot & York offices, we have a team of people capable of accurately preparing a Bill of Costs in many areas of Law. We ensure that every Bill of Costs, regardless of its size, is prepared with attention to detail & includes as much relevant information as possible from the Narrative right through to the Documents sections.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not restricted to):

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Holiday Illness
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Mortgage Mis-Selling
  • Solicitor/Own Client

Our Costs Lawyers & Costs Draftsmen are trained in a specific manner to forensically examine our clients’ files in order to prepare a formal Bill of Costs suitable for Detailed/Provisional Assessment.

PURE Legal Costs Consultants have strict service level agreements for drafting a Bill of Costs with all of our clients which are as follows:

  • Fast Track - 7 days
  • Multi-Track - 14 days (unless the WIP is of such value where this will not be possible, the client will then be contracted & a time estimate agreed)

All PURE Legal Costs Consultants Costs Lawyers & Costs Draftsmen have recently undergone stringent training in the new format Bill of Costs (Precedent S) which is compulsory for all Part 7 Multi-Track claims except where proceedings are subject to fixed or scale costs, cases where the receiving party is a Litigant in Person and where the court has ordered otherwise. The new format Bill of Costs will require the claim for costs to be broken down into phase, task & activity.

Training on Precedent S can be arranged

If you wish to instruct our team in your recovery of costs claim or are seeking advice please do not hesitate to contact the head of the Drafting department Mr Chris Lacey on 0151 443 6124 or by email chris.lacey@purelegalcosts.co.uk

At most Costs firms, negotiation is just a numbers game. Here at PURE, our negotiators are highly trained individuals, fully au-fait with all aspects of costs law and the CPR.

Each Negotiator carries out a detailed analysis of your claim for costs and is fully capable of identifying and seeking resolution of any issues that may arise to ensure you receive the right level of costs on all matters. 

Whilst we pride ourselves on the speed of our successful negotiations, our staff are targeted based upon what they recover for our customers, meaning they have no benefit in under-settling cases too quickly for lesser amounts.

At PURE Legal Costs Consultants we understand that our clients will occasionally require an urgent Statement of Costs – N260 to be prepared prior to a summary assessment taking place. A Statement of Costs must be filed at least 24 hours prior to the Hearing taking place.

PURE Legal Costs Consultants currently receive instructions to prepare Statements of Costs for:

  • A fast approaching Trial
  • Urgent Applications
  • Infant Approval Hearings
  • Case specific requests by the Court

We aim to turn around all Statements of Costs within 72 hours of instruction & shall liaise with our clients throughout the process, particularly to discuss the issue of any potential future costs.

If you would like to instruct PURE Legal Costs Consultants to prepare a Statement of Costs – N260 on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact the head of the Drafting department Mr Chris Lacey on 0151 443 6124 or by email chris.lacey@purelegalcosts.co.uk

High quality, experienced and qualified Advocacy covering the length and breadth of the country on disputes large or small.

Dealing with any litigated case requires an attention to detail and practical focus which experienced advocates are best placed to provide. That experience ensures that your costs claim is well prepared and presented in order to achieve maximum recovery.

Our Advocacy offering includes nationwide coverage of Detailed Assessments. However with the introduction of Provisional Assessments written advocacy and preparation has never been more important. Replies to Points of Dispute are often the only opportunity to put the claimants case across.

We pride ourselves on our willingness to support clients to assessment and this reflects in our excellent success rate.

Following settlement of your Costs and return of your file, details of the Costs recovered are passed to our Post Settlement Recovery Team.


We will keep constant contact with Third Parties, on your behalf, to expedite payment of Costs to you.  Our team will keep you updated to ensure you are aware of when you can expect to receive payment and also to enforce for payment if necessary. 


This service will help ensure efficiency and timely collection to your incoming cash-flow and is provided at no extra cost to you.

In Multi Track litigation costs management is becoming more and more important. Our specialist team at PURE have been involved in Costs Management since inception and have acted on behalf of clients in Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence. The team can assist with all aspects of costs management including:

  • Preparing Costs Budgets (Precedent H)
  • Preparing Budget Discussion Reports (Precedent R)
  • Negotiating with third parties to agree matters prior to the Costs and Case Management Conferences
  • Attending at CCMC hearing to make costs submissions on your behalf

We can also deal with variation to existing Costs Management Orders, applications for relief from sanctions and any other guidance you require in relation to budgeting.


For more information and advice please contact Ged Courtney at ged.courtney@purelegalcosts.co.uk or call on 0151 443 6804

We know that anything can happen in litigation. Costs orders can be made against Claimants and Bills of Costs presented at equal to or more than the claim is worth for something such as an interlocutory application.


Many claims are made by Defendants in ignorance of the Qualified One Way Costs Shifting Rules or Fixed Costs offset provisions. Alternatively, other claims are made pursuant to “escape” clauses in the QOCS scheme.


PURE and their advocates has the experience of reassuring and guiding their client’s through these minefields to ensure that, should it be necessary, the client’s liability is never more than absolutely necessary.

At PURE Legal Costs Consultants we have a number of senior members of the Drafting team who are able to carry out a Legal Auditing Service.

We have successfully carried out multiple audits on many firms of Solicitors at the request of external funders who had requested PURE Legal Costs Consultants to examine Solicitors WIP ledgers & files of papers as to whether the funding provided was/is being used as intended.

Internal Auditing can also be used almost as a health check for our clients existing WIP book. PURE Legal Costs Consultants are able to assess client files and ensure our clients are maximising their earning potential on all cases.

During an audit we can consider the needs & requirements of any business on an individual basis, some examples are as follows:

  • CFA / Funding issues
  • Unnecessary delays, time is money!
  • Potential inefficiencies with staff / processes
  • How to ensure costly mistakes do not occur such as missed limitation, costs case management
  • Client complaints not being reported that could ultimately effect the valuable reputation of any firm

With an Audit process, PURE Legal Costs Consultants may be able to uncover any of the above issues early on in the lifetime of a case and thereafter report on the issues in an actionable manner & provide clear solutions.

If PURE Legal Costs Consultants can assist your company with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact the head of the Drafting department Mr Chris Lacey on 0151 443 6124 or by email chris.lacey@purelegalcosts.co.uk

As the complexity of disputes continue to increase, parties on both sides are facing a greater degree of litigation risk, coupled with a potentially significant liability for adverse costs if the Court finds against them. Whilst we encourage a robust approach to negotiations here at PURE, it is often pragmatism that leads to the best results in matters where the outcome is far from certain. Mediation is a great tool in these circumstances and represents an effective, confidential and cost effective solution. If required, one of our Accredited Mediators will attend your mediation appointment and will help the parties to find common ground and compromise where possible, whilst providing impartial support throughout the meeting. Generally both parties will share liability for the mediator’s fees, rather than one party left holding the bill at the end of a costly trial. Whilst we specialise in mediation of costs disputes, we are happy to accept instructions for mediation in all aspects of civil litigation.


If you require the assistance of an Accredited Mediator to help resolve a dispute, please contact Ged Courtney on 0151 443 6804 or at ged.courtney@purelegalcosts.co.uk

We work with numerous Cost Advance Funding Providers to deliver funding facilities to our clients as a means of maximizing cash flow whilst progressing cases and avoiding the effects of timescales or unnecessary acceptance of low settlements when negotiating settlement of bills therefore improving your negotiating power.

For further information please contact Emma Case on 0151 443 6129 or email emma.case@purelegalcosts.co.uk

Our Advocates and technical advisors, including Amanda Ashton and Dominic Finn, provide general advice either on an ad hoc or ongoing basis in all areas of costs and contract law.

This includes the provision of drafting Deeds of Assignment or Novation, Conditional Fee Agreements, Damages Based Agreements and innovative hybrid arrangements in all matters from commercial through to personal injury.

We believe that waiting until the end to check your ability to get paid for the work you have done is to leave it too late. A complaint and profitable charging arrangement is essential to any business and we are able to provide assistance and guidance, often free of charge, to all firms whether current or future clients.

For further information please contact our team on 0151 449 0005

Costs litigation and it associated rules occupy a constantly shifting landscape and remaining up to date with knowledge of recent authorities and practical approaches is essential. At PURE we have a number of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience who can deliver bespoke training to fit the needs of you and your teams. Whether you require a small scale in house training session for your fee earners on a particular issue or require one of our speakers to attend an event or conference to speak to delegates, the same quality of training will be provided along with high quality reference materials. Our existing clients have requested training in the following areas although we are happy to provide training on any aspect of costs litigation:

  • Budgeting and Costs Management
  • Effective time recording
  • CPR Part 36
  • Electronic billing
  • General civil costs case law updates
  • Fixed costs and CPR Part 45

If you or your team require training, or you require a speaker for your next conference or seminar, please contact Ged Courtney on 0151 443 6804 or alternatively at ged.courtney@purelegalcosts.co.uk


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