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The Legal landscape is becoming more challenging every year.

The expansion of fixed costs in Personal Injury claims means reduced income, yet overheads continue to increase.

It is imperative that law firms not only have access to new and different markets, but also innovative products and services, which allow them to provide the best possible service, whilst delivering a positive outcome to their clients, enabling them to run a successful and profitable business.

A Disbursement Funding product that is off balance sheet, fully insured, zero risk to the claimant and one that requires no guarantee/debenture from the law firm, nor does this effect other lending/borrowing within the law firm.

Benefits to the Solicitor

  • Improved cashflow position. Capital previously tied in disbursements can be used to promote growth and transform the law firm.
  • No risk for the solicitor/law firm. Fully insured product.
  • No interest paid by the law firm and no facility limit.
  • Allows the law firm to pursue the case without any delays and removes the burden of finding court fees.
  • No guarantees or debentures are required from the law firm.
  • Leads to a competitive advantage over other law firms.

Benefits to the Client

  • Client is not required to pay for any disbursements up front. 
  • Extremely competitive rate of interest, with interest relating to the disbursements recovered from the paying party.
  • Loan and policy are fully insured if case fails, therefore no risk to the client.
  • Funding promotes the swift progression of each case as financial restraints are removed and allows access to the best experts to support the case, promoting access to justice.
  • The case can be pushed as hard and far as required in a tactical and efficient fashion, thus improving client confidence and ultimately, leading to stronger results for the claimant.

How Does It Work

The claimant signs up to a funding loan (CCA) to cover the costs of the disbursements in their case.

An ATE policy is taken out through PURE Claims Support Services Limited, this policy covers:

  • Disbursements
  • Defendants Costs
  • Funding loan
  • Interest on loan in the event of a failed case

Meaning the claimant is afforded full cover for everything if the case is unsuccessful. Should the case be successful, the claimant is responsible for the ATE premium and the unrecoverable interest.

The claimant can recover the funding interest (with the exception of the amount attributed to the premium and drawdown fees). This is pursuant to the authority on Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change-v-Jeffrey Jones [2014] EWCA Civ 363.

Each case is individually screened/vetted and approved at every drawdown request by PURE Claims Support Services and the monies are paid directly to the disbursement provider.

PURE Legal Costs Consultants will then settle the disbursement loan directly with the funder on behalf of the client.

Premiums & Case types

Our premiums are incredibly competitive. Case Types we insure and fund (both fast-track and multi-track)

  • Mortgage Mis-selling
  • Mortgage Mis-calculation
  • Undisclosed Commissions
  • Housing Disrepair
  • Motorbike Accidents
  • Cycling Accidents
  • GDPR Breach Claims


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