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PURE Claims Support Services has a number of functions. The primary function is to carry out the second stage of our four stage vetting procedure, to ensure each potential claim meets our strict criteria.

This function is carried out on all cases, not just cases which remain with our own Law firms within the group, but also those cases sent to and received from our expanding panel of partner law firms across the UK.

A Strict vetting policy, ensures better quality cases and fewer claims on policy.

Our Services

PURE Claims Support Services has dedicated teams of specialist case handlers to ensure that each case is progressed to the highest possible standards.

The whole funding process has been created to be both streamlined and informative as the case moves from one stage to another.

All new funding applications are reviewed by our funding teams who initially carry out ‘know your customer’ and proof of address checks on applicants. The application is then vetted against a strict criteria to ensure that the claim has prospects of success and also key evidence and information is available in order to approve funding. Additional information or documents required are chased immediately so that each funding application is processed and progressed in a timely manner.

Once the application passes our vetting, it is submitted to the funders. If approved by the funder they will contact the client to have them enter into Consumer Credit Act (‘CCA’) agreement.

Continuous updates are provided during the CCA sign-up process and once the client has signed the CCA agreement the application is placed into a 14 day cooling off period during which time ATE insurance is arranged.

Once the application has cooled off PURE Claims Support Services can then complete the first drawdowns against disbursements on the case. Further disbursement funding will then be available throughout the case.

PURE have developed a truly innovative funding product in conjunction with Novitas Loans (Close Brothers) which addresses the cash flow drain that many law firms encounter, that of funding the disbursements of a case.

A Disbursement Funding product that is off balance sheet, fully insured, zero risk to the claimant and one that requires no guarantee/debenture from the law firm, nor does this effect other lending/borrowing within the law firm.

All funding requests from solicitors in respect of disbursements incurred must be supported by an invoice (or other proof of payment) and evidence. For example, to fund an expert fee in a Cavity Wall claim the solicitors must provide a CPR Compliant Part 35 Surveyors Report.

PURE Claims Support Services will review and approve funding where the evidence is supportive of the claim and there is continued prospects of success. This is important to ensure clients have continued funding and ATE insurance cover.

Each case type has set funding limits split over 2 stages:

Stage 1 - Pre Litigation

Stage 2 - Post Litigation

PURE Claim Support Services track funding through the lifecycle of the case to ensure these limits are not exceeded and this is also monitored by the funders.

Solicitors must notify PURE Claims Support Services when a funded case settles so that a loan settlement figure can be obtained from the funders. The loan settlement figure will include interest and all other fees charged to the loan.

Once in receipt of damages the loan settlement figure must be discharged by the client in full under the CCA at which point the CCA comes to an end.

PURE Claims Support Services also has a dedicated Client Liaison team which are there to support both solicitors and PURE Claim Support Services. This team is dedicated solely to completing onboarding appointments and guidance when any solicitors join the panel and throughout their time with PURE Claim Support Services.

The legal landscape is now a challenging environment for many law firms. With fixed costs, reducing fees and increased overheads, it is now imperative that law firms have access to innovative products which will allow them to provide an excellent service to their clients, delivering a positive outcome on their case, but also to run a successful and profitable business whilst doing so.

PURE Claims Support Services have two functions:

  • Process and Vet new applications from solicitors to determine if their cases are eligible for funding.
  • Act as a vetting function for Pure Legal Limited

We have a strict vetting process to follow, as each case type we fund has different criteria’s to qualify.

The funding covers all disbursements incurred to run the solicitors cases, such as medical reports, surveyors reports etc.

The funding is repaid when the case settles, along with interest.

PURE Claims Support Services offer litigation funding products for many types of civil litigation claims under strict vetting criteria's which have been developed with our panel of specialist solicitors. Funding is available in respect of the following claim types:

  • Mortgage Mis-Selling
  • Mortgage Miscalculation
  • Industrial Disease
  • Holiday Sickness
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Employers Liability
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Housing Dis-repair
  • Undisclosed Commissions
  • Noise Induced Hearing loss
  • Public Liability

Case types

PURE Claims Support Services have set criteria's to provide guidance to our panel of solicitors in regards to each case type we offer funding for.

Within PURE Claims Support Services we offer funding for the below Case Types:

  • Mortgage Mis-selling
  • Mortgage Mis-calculation
  • Undisclosed Commissions
  • Housing Disrepair
  • Motorbike Accidents
  • Cycling Accidents
  • GDPR Breach Claims


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