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At PURE Legal York we take a highly personalised approach to all our medical negligence and other cases and put clients and their care at the heart of everything we do. Our wide experience in dealing with personal injury, professional negligence and clinical negligence claims means reassurance and peace of mind for you. PURE Legal York currently employs over 90 staff and in 2018 recovered more than £27,500,000 worth of damages.


Medical negligence claims can be brought against doctors, health professionals, hospitals and NHS Trusts.

Successful claims are when it can be shown that incompetence or a lack of skill has caused harm or injury.

The resulting complications can be severe and life-changing, with long term health and financial implications.

All of our medical negligence claims are funded on a No Win No Fee basis

If you feel you have a potential claim for clinical negligence, our professional team of medical negligence solicitors are available to assist you further – please call us on 01904 556 600 or contact us.


Medical negligence claims; Brain and Spinal injuries, Breast Cancer Claims, Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims, Care Home Claims, Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims, Child Health Claims, Diagnosis Errors, Ear, Nose and Throat Claims, Erbs Palsy Claims, Eye Injury and Loss of Vision, GP Negligence, Gynaecological Pregnancy and Birth Injury Claims, Hip Replacement Claims, Hospital & Surgery Claims, Medication Errors, Pressure Sore Claims, Stroke Misdiagnosis, Cosmetic Surgery Claims.

Personal Injury claims usually arise from someone else’s negligence and can involve many different situations such as an accident at work, a slip, trip or fall, or being involved in a car accident. The resulting injury can be serious and life-changing, with long term health and financial implications.


Personal Injury claims; Accidents at Work, Road Traffic Accidents, Slips Trips and Falls, Serious Injury Claims, Fatal Accident Claims, Industrial Disease Claims

Modern, life improving gadgets and products, and high-tech medical devices have changed millions of people’s lives for the better. Medical products such as joint replacements, cardiac pacemakers and heart valves can improve our quality of life enormously.


However, when medical devices fail or surgical implants are defective, the consequences can be disastrous. Proving that a product is defective and securing compensation is an enormously complex task. PURE Legal York are one of very few law firms with specific expertise and experience in this very challenging area of law. We represent thousands of individuals in claiming compensation for defective products.


Our expert team of solicitors are available to speak with today. Call 01904 556 600 for more information.


Defective Implants claims; Metal-on-metal hip replacements, Ceramic hip replacements, Metal on polyethylene hip replacements, Mismatched hip replacements, Implantable heart valves, Heart defibrillator claims, Transvaginal tape and surgical mesh, Ankle replacements, Knee replacements, Various surgical instruments

Dental Negligence claims can be complex and at PURE Legal York we have many years of experience in dealing with these claims. We should be able to trust our dentist at all times and expect the best possible treatment, however sometimes mistakes can happen which can have long-term consequences.

Contact us or call us today on 01904 556 600 to speak with one of our dental negligence specialists.


Dental Negligence claims; Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Bridges and Crowns, General Dental Neglect, Oral Cancer, Orthodontics, Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease), Root Canal Treatment, Tooth Extractions, Wisdom Teeth and Nerve Damage

When you instruct a solicitor or barrister to represent you in a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, you expect them to have the expertise and experience to provide the correct advice and carry out their work with proper care and skill. Unfortunately, from time to time, this is not the case and, like any other professional person, lawyers occasionally make errors that can cost you dear.


If you have suffered a financial loss as a result of the negligence of a solicitor or barrister, PURE Legal York solicitors can help you to obtain compensation. Contact us today on 01904 556 600 for further information.


Below are some examples of the sort of errors personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers can make, which could be regarded as negligent:

  • Taking on work beyond their experience and expertise
  • Providing incorrect or incomplete advice
  • Getting your case struck out by the courts
  • Missing limitation dates or other important deadlines
  • Not following your instructions properly
  • Failing to obtain appropriate expert evidence
  • Under-valuing or under-settling a claim

The vast majority of the medical negligence and personal injury claims handled by PURE Legal York are funded on a no win no fee basis. A no win no fee agreement means that the work undertaken on your behalf by your solicitor does not result in a financial burden preventing you from making your claim.

If your case is successful, your solicitor is paid a proportion of their fees and expenses by the negligent party and if you lose you will not pay anything as long as you have cooperated with us at all times. Call our no win no fee solicitors today on 01904 556 600.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pay if my claim fails or is abandoned?

If your claim fails on liability or due to a lack of evidence in support of your claim, your solicitor will not charge you if they have agreed to deal with the matter on a no win no fee basis. The risk of not getting paid in the event of an unsuccessful claim is one that your solicitor accepts willingly when taking on a case under a no win no fee agreement. As long as you have complied with the terms of the agreement which means that you cooperate fully you will not be charged in the event that the claim fails. The same principles apply in respect of cases that are abandoned (in other words discontinued without reaching a proper outcome). Each case must be considered on its own merits but so long as you cooperate fully with your solicitor and are truthful in your evidence, a no win no fee agreement will protect you fully in this situation.


Can I make a “No Win, No Fee” claim on any type of claim?

No win no fee agreements are available for most types of civil litigation claims. This can include claims for personal injury, product liability (such as implant cases), professional negligence, employment law and medical negligence no win no fee cases.


What do I pay if my claim is successful?

If your case is successful, a proportion of your legal fees are paid by the other party or their insurers with a further agreed amount, known as a “success fee” being paid from your compensation award. Here at PURE Legal York Solicitors we deduct up to 25% of your settlement award to cover payment of the success fee. In no win no fee medical negligence cases there will probably be an insurance premium to be deducted as well. The insurance policy is taken out to protect you and your case and it avoids the need for you to pay expenses in the case such as medical report fees upfront.


Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. PURE Legal York Solicitors do not make any further charges to you, our no win no fee solicitors agreement sets out very clearly what costs are to be reclaimed and we will explain everything to you before your claim commences.


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